Things to consider when looking for a phone contract

Looking for a new phone contract can be a tough business! Even if you have had a few contracts in your lifetime, deciding on your next one can sometimes really put you under pressure. Why? Well, simply because there are so many options to choose from nowadays. stock photos

For example, when mobile phones first hit the market, contracts were simple. You only really had to worry about how many free minutes you needed to get by each month. But as mobile phones have evolved, there are so much more options at your disposal. Do you need extra texts? And data? What role does data play, especially if you have a smartphone that uses it on a daily basis?

These are just some of the things that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to mobile phone contract renewal or when deciding on your first contract. So if you have narrowed down a few contracts and still yet cannot decide, look at the following.


Many contracts have their own unique benefits built into them. For example, some offer a second handset. These are often not smartphones but are definitely worth a consideration should you require a phone for your child as an example. Not every contract has a physical offering, however. Benefits may include extra data, more talk time minutes or something similar. Avoid contracts where the benefits are extra text messages each month. A decade ago, extra text messages were a must. Nowadays however, almost nobody makes use of them anymore. At Natur Phones, we always suggest to our clients to aim for a contract that provides extra data, especially if they have a smartphone. Normally, data is the first thing that you run out of each month, especially if you are very active on social media, like watching YouTube videos or downloading music.

The length of the contract

Now this is not something that many people consider when deciding on a contract. Often, they just go for the standard twenty-four-month option but did you know this can be shortened or even lengthened? But what are the positives or negatives in option for either? Well, by shortening your contract, you not only pay it off in a shorter period, but you could also replace your handset each year. This is particularly useful should you love flagship smartphones as both Apple and Samsung seem to release a new version of the iPhone or Galaxy roughly a year apart. Of course, the downside to this is that your monthly fee will be far higher. By extending your contract length to 36 months, you can lower your monthly contract fee significantly. Many people do this especially as it allows them access to handsets that they normally would not be able to afford. The downside however, is that they are now stuck with that contract and handset for three years. A word of advice from us – really weigh up the pros and cons of either shortening or lengthening your contract terms.


Are early upgrades possible?

It goes without saying that you should always read the fine print on any contract before signing it but make sure you search for one clause in particular – are early upgrades allowed? Why? Well, if you choose a twenty-four or a thirty-six month contract, the chances are that you may be yearning for a new handset by the time you are coming close to the end of your contracts. That’s just human nature, especially if our favourite handset manufacturer releases a new model that we desperately want. Many service providers do allow for early upgrades as they want you to sign a new contract with them and not go to the opposition. So if you like changing your handset often, this is a useful clause to have in the contract.

Hidden fees

Finally, once you have narrowed down your choices, make sure you scan each contract again, especially for hidden fees. Mobile phone service providers love hiding hidden costs into their contracts, often in the fine print. These can be related to a number of things but pay attention to out of plan costs. For example, should you go over your monthly data limit, do you have to load more data or will you phone continue to use out of plan data but at a much higher cost? Many people have been shocked by the fact that they have used all their data and then been charged far higher costs for out of plan data until the month was over. This can often be charged at three times the cost!