About us


At Natur Phones we are all about helping you find a great deal for your next phone contract. Believe us when we say that over the past five years, the explosion in the mobile phone market in the United Kingdom has been nothing short of phenomenal.

It all really started with Blackberry. These were the phones of choice and everybody wanted one. They really had many innovative things that other phones didn’t and soon other manufacturers were playing a difficult game of catch-up. Remember Blackberry Instant Messenger? Well, it was a way for people to stay in contact other than making a phone call and sending a text. And of course, you could interact with people in groups. The power of something like Blackberry Instant Messenger was seen in the London riots of 2012, where this messaging service became the communication tool of choice for protesters to communicate with large groups as to where they would protest next.

Since then, we have seen the rise of Apple with their iPhone and Samsung with their Galaxy range. These phones of course include instant messaging but much, much more in the form of millions of apps that can be downloaded either from the iStore or Google Play.

So where do we fit in? Well, if you are not a tech-savvy teenager or even a twenty-something know-it-all, the chances are that you have no clue as to where to start to pick a decent mobile phone for your specific needs. And that’s where we at Natur phones aim to help. We can offer advice on a range of subjects pertaining to mobile phones, from which contracts you should consider to which handsets will suit your exact needs. We also search the mobile phone market for new and innovative products and believe us when we say that when it comes to contracts, there are many new ideas that are exciting, especially as they aim to provide everyone with the chance to own a mobile phone, even if they have a bad credit rating.

So no matter what your question about the mobile phone business, the chances are that one of our team already have the answer. We have searched the United Kingdom far and wide for the most knowledgeable staff in the mobile phone industry. Scarily, most of them are incredibly young but oh so full of knowledge. And this knowledge will just help you in the long run.

So don’t be afraid to browse our website, see what we recommend in terms of mobile phone contracts as well as handsets. But most of all, learn more about the incredible world of the mobile phone.